We are so glad you are interested in volunteering with our kids’ ministry team! Please note, all 11am volunteer positions in the kids’ ministry is currently full but we are looking for volunteers to build up the 9am kids’ ministry team! Also, as a way to keep our kids safe, we require all of those 18 and over to fill paper work out and pass a background check. The list of different positions are listed below!  


Support Team:

Check in Stations: Greeting those coming in as well as assisting those checking in at the kiosk stations. 

Check in Counter: Assisting those who may be a first time guest at our church to register their kids as well as encouraging them to connect further with our church and answer any basic questions they may have. 

K-Town Team:

Nursery: Those in the nursery are caring for and engaging with those ages 6 Weeks to 3 years old.

Preschool: Those in the preschool room are caring for and engaging with those ages 4 years old to Kindergarten age.

Elementary: Those who are upstairs with the kids Kindergarten to 5th grade are responsible for the safety and engagement of the kids in their group. Groups are broken down by age and activities are done in a small group like environment as well as in a large group with all the kids together. Opportunities in this area also involve leading during our annual Vacation Bible School, a five day evening gathering for kids in our community.