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Is There Really a God ~ Part III

posted Jan 19, 2013, 6:14 AM by Grace Christian   [ updated Jun 12, 2014, 11:06 AM by Nate Mosley ]

Part III

In our first lesson on this topic, we showed many examples of design in creation and we talked about how this amazing and wonderful design demands an amazing and wonderful designer. As obvious as this is to most of us, evolutionists always seem to have some kind of comeback that completely denies God's Word and is also shows that their belief is based in faith. Look at this puzzling quote from probably the world's most famous atheist, Richard Dawkins:

We have seen that living things are too improbable and too beautifully designed to have come into existence by chance.

This guy is the world's most famous atheist? How can he say that living things are designed? He is not admitting that there is a Creator, but instead is goes on to say that evolution is so perfect and has been going on for so many years that we have evolved to the point that things would appear to be designed. So he has an answer that is based on more faith than Christianity and passes it as though it were science.

We will go ahead and give him that and dig a little deeper then.

Let's talk a little about our DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid). Your DNA contains all of the information about you. Your hair color, your height and eye color, etc. In fact all of the information necessary to form all of your body parts, your hands, fingers and toes, to develop in the womb, to be born and to live life was present upon conception. The DNA strands in each of your ~100 trillion cells are each approx. 6 feet long in length.

The code in your DNA consists of 4 letter alphabet. These "letters" are represented by A G C T, which stand for adenine, guanine, cytosine and thyamine. There are literally tons and tons of information of each strand of DNA. In fact, one cell's information would fill 1,000 books, 500 pages long. Many scientists now believe this is an underestimate.

If this figure were correct, it would take a person typing 60 words a minute, 8 hours a day, around 50 years to type the human genome. If all of the DNA in your 100 trillion cells were stretched out and laid end to end, it would reach to the sun (90 million miles away) and back 600 times. Yet all of it can fit into 2 tablespoons.

Charles Darwin, when he proposed his humanistic philosophy of evolution thought that the smaller the organism was, the simpler it would be. Scientists today know how very wrong he was about that. The human cell has enormous complexity, going against Darwin's assumptions.

A single cell is so complex that probability and statistics majors put the odds of a single cell coming into existence by random chance at 10 to the 40,000th power. Just to give you an idea of the size of that number, the entire visible universe is 10 to the 28th power inches in diameter.

I think Robert Gange, Ph.D. (research scientist with extensive research in the field of CryPhysics and information systems.) puts it into perspective and puts it nicely in this quote:

The likelihood of life having occurred through a chemical accident, is for all intents and purposes, zero.

So how do teachers of evolution overcome this problem of probability? Like we said earlier, they come with yet another atheistic faith based answer. In the next lesson, we will see the answer that they give and show its flaws as well as evidence involving our DNA that shows that an eternal, all powerful, all knowing God is the best answer for the evidence we see around us.

God loves us all and has made Himself known abundantly through His creation and His Word. That if we were to trust in Him and look to Him for our security and comfort, we would not be disappointed.