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Creatures That Defy Evolution ~ Part II

posted Dec 12, 2012, 7:29 AM by Grace Christian   [ updated Jun 12, 2014, 10:59 AM by Nate Mosley ]
Part II

We are going to take the time this week to look at another creature that defies evolution and exclaims that there is an all powerful Creator.

This week, we will take a closer look at the woodpecker. Most people know that the woodpecker spends its days banging its beak against a tree. But what is he doing and what is involved in all of this. When we find the answer to this question and see what is happening on a closer level, we'll see that the woodpecker testifies of God each and every day.

You may have guessed the desired result of this entire head; the bark beetle to be more specific. But for the woodpecker to perform this hunting technique, much is required, or else it would result in a terrible end for the famished bird. For this job, you need a very strong beak, complete with a thick skull, shock absorbing tissue, muscles and more.

So, here's the problem, if the woodpecker requires a tough beak, thick skull and absorbing tissue in between, and all of this came about by random natural evolutionary processes, which came first and how did it survive to develop the other parts? Let's say that a baby bird develops a tough bill and wants to get something to eat. The first time it decides to slam its head into the tree, the bill would be okay, but unfortunately, he's crushed the front of his face in. This spells the end for the evolution for the woodpecker.

Let's say that the same bird instead evolves a thick skull and decides to try to find lunch in the tree. This time, after a few whacks, its head is okay, but his beak has folded up like an accordion. There isn't much evolutionary future in this scenario either.

Obviously the thick skull, strong beak and shock absorbing tissue must be in place from the get go in order for the woodpecker to survive for evolution to take place. This makes sense to the Christian but is a real problem for those put their faith in time and chance, trial and error.

But wait, that's not it. When the bird begins to bang his head against the tree, the bark beetles instantly begin to retreat in their tunnels inside the tree. This isn't a problem for the woodpecker, because he has a very long and sticky tongue with small barbs along much of the length in order to capture its food. But here's a problem. When he swallows the bug, wouldn't he swallow his tongue as well? He would, but a chemical in his saliva neutralizes the adhesive and releases the prey to be swallowed without incident. How many woodpeckers choked on their dinner and died before evolution put this necessity into place?

But with that long of a tongue, how can he keep it all in his mouth and keep it from hanging out and getting stuck to things or stepping on it? The answer for the woodpecker is to slip its tongue into a muscular sheath that wraps around the skull, under the scalp and inserts in the right nostril!

This makes sense to the Christian but is a real problem for those who put their faith in time and chance, trial and error once again.

Many times, evolutionists try to sweep all of the problems with their theory under the rug of time. They say, "Given enough time, the impossible becomes possible." But soon, you find that time doesn't answer anything, it only compounds their problems. It's evident that every component of these systems that work together for the animals survival had to be present from the beginning or evolution couldn't have happened at all. Men spend their whole lives searching for the truth and nature points them back to the very first verse of the bible over and over again. How much time, effort and energy could we save if we would just trust God at His Word from the start?