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Creatures That Defy Evolution

posted Nov 9, 2012, 2:36 PM by Grace Christian   [ updated Jun 12, 2014, 10:59 AM by Nate Mosley ]

Every couple of weeks, we're going to break away from any lesson that we might be going through to take a look at some cool facts or something that shows the majesty of God's creation. One thing that fits into this category will be our topic for this week. Did you know that there are many, many creatures that defy evolution? By this, we mean there is no way that they could have evolved like scientists claim. One reason for this is the fact that some animals display many mechanisms that work together as a unit or system that would have to appear all at once without intermediate, evolutionary stages. If it didn't happen in this way, the animal would have died and "evolution" would have to start over from scratch once again.

Today's example of this is the tallest mammal on earth, the amazing giraffe. The giraffe's heart is the most powerful in the animal kingdom. The reason for this is obvious. The heart has to pump blood over and over again up that long, slender neck to reach the giraffe's brain. One of the problems is, the brain is very delicate and can't withstand high blood pressure. So, what do you think happens when the giraffe goes to get a drink? It needs to spread its front legs and lower its head to the water supply. Wouldn't you think that the high blood pressure from this massive pump in his chest would blow his brains out? A couple of features keep this from happening.

One, the giraffe has in his jugular veins a series of one-way check valves which immediately close as the head is lowered, preventing blood from flowing back down into the brain.

Second, the blood that flowed through the valves when he began to drink is stored in what some call, "the wonder net." It is a spongy tissue filled with numerous small blood vessels at the base of the brain. When the giraffe stoops to drink, the blood is absorbed in the the wonder net and it controls the blood flow, giving the brain just what it needs while the animal is drinking. So it is true that the giraffe's blood pressure could cause its brain to explode. But this doesn't happen due to reinforced artery walls, amazing bypass valves, pressure sensing signals and a spongy tissue that controls the blood flow to the brain; all of this work together to maintain the blood pressure.

Then after we understand this, the real trick comes. If the giraffe were getting a drink and he saw a lion in the distance and got up to run, the blood pressure to the brain wouldn't be great enough and the giraffe would pass out, right? This would be true, but all of these systems that work together to lessen the blood pressure, also work together to increase it when the head is raised. The wonder net pumps the last bit of blood into the brain as the check valves that were turned off begin to open one by one until blood if steadily flowing up the long, slender neck into the brain once again.

The problem for the evolutionist is this. How many giraffes blew their brains out when they got a drink? How many got up to run from a predator, only to pass out and find themselves being eaten by a lion? How long did this go on until they evolved all of the special features necessary to keep this from happening?

It's obvious that the very first giraffes had all of these special features from the very beginning. If not, they wouldn't have lived to pass these features on to their offspring for evolution to happen in the first place! This is a huge problem for the evolutionist, but not at all surprising for those who believe in the Almighty Creator.