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Hebrews 3--Jesus Is Greater Than Our Uncertainties

posted Oct 22, 2014, 8:16 AM by Grace Christian

Everyone has uncertainties in their lives. Some have uncertainties about their health, relationships, finances, and some even have uncertainties about their faith. Regardless of the struggle, it seems that whenever life throws us a curveball, most of the time we respond with the temptation to question God’s decision making. It’s easy to love God when everything is going according to our plans, but when things seem to take an unexpected turn, we panic.

The Hebrew people that this letter was addressed to were very young in their faith. They had very little information about how powerful Jesus actually could be in their everyday lives. They were convinced that He was their Savior, but they were not convinced that He was the stabilizing force in their lives yet. A lack of information always leads to lots of uncertainty.

These young believers were under immense pressure to defect from their faith and blend the observance of the Law with the grace life that they had received. Their Jewish friends and family felt that they should try to make their new faith more palatable by compromising it. What the Hebrews needed was a good dose of the word of God so that they could draw strength and clarity from the knowledge of the word of God. Its amazing how uncertainty struggles to take a foothold in the lives of the informed.

The author used Moses as a comparison and a contrast to Jesus in order to explain how much greater Jesus was than Moses. Moses was a good man, no doubt, but Jesus was greater. Moses was faithful in the temporary house of God as a servant. Jesus was faithful as the Son, not a servant. Jesus was over the eternal house of God made up of faithful believers indwelt with the Holy Spirit.

There are times when all of us are tempted to defect from our faith on some level. However, if we would stop for just a minute and reflect on everything Jesus has done for us, we will find that there is no reason to believe that He would desert us in our hour of need. He didn’t die for us only to leave us to live this life alone. Jesus is greater than our uncertainties. If we would take our uncertainties to Him in prayer and seek answers in His word we would find that the only reason we have uncertainties is because we don’t know all the facts. Once you start making a steady diet of the word of God a part of your daily routine, you will find that uncertainties will have a difficult time taking root in your life.

  1. What leads to uncertainties?
  2. What are all believers tempted to do at some point?
  3. What is the solution to uncertainties?
  4. Examine how much of your day is dedicated to reading and prayer. Based on that answer, what is the possibility that uncertainties can take root in your life?