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Hebrews 1-2 "Greater Than My Discouragement"

posted Oct 27, 2014, 10:51 AM by Grace Christian
Have you ever been on a business trip or an extended stay away from your loved ones? When I am out of town I can hardly lay my head on my pillow at night without hearing my wife and kids voices first. I am not complete without them and I know it. It is discouraging when you cant stay connected to those closest to you. That’s because disconnection always leads to discouragement. Lately I have spent a lot of time reading letters that were written from World War II soldiers to their families who were at home. To be honest, the passion and dedication to stay in communication with their families during such times of great danger and distress actually touched me. Sometimes they would be writing while laying in a fox hole in-between battles, and sometimes they would be writing while laying on a cot in a field hospital. The one thing that was obvious was that they were simply not themselves apart from having some kind of communication with those they loved the most. The sense of connection encouraged them and gave them the strength to keep going.

The emotions that we feel when we are separated from our families are the same emotions God feels when He is separated form His creation. His passion and desire to be connected to His children is unsurpassed. Since the creation of the first man from the dust of the earth, to the present time, God has always initiated the communication with mankind. Despite our efforts to silence Him, He continues to engage us.

The author of Hebrews explains how in times past God communicated through His profits, priests, and even through angels and visions. Despite God’s continual efforts, mankind as a whole generally chose to ignore His call to personal connection. When it became obvious that mankind would never consistently come to God, God came to man. This time, God didn’t come to man in a voice, or a burning bush, or even through an angel. This time God sent a greater method of connection that openly displayed His greater love and commitment to mankind. This time God sent His only Son. This time all God became all man in the person of Jesus Christ. The same Jesus that was the creative hand in forming mankind in the beginning became a part of mankind. His mission was to communicate the desire of God to have a personal and intimate relationship with His people. Jesus was greater than the angels, greater than the prophets, and greater than the priests. He was greater than the Law of Moses and greater than the most choice lamb designated for sacrifice under the Law. He was the physical expression of the nature and power of God. Jesus was and is simply greater.

It is important that we remember as Christ followers that God loved us so much that He wanted to engage, encourage, and equip us to not only have and maintain a close personal connection with Him through Jesus Christ, but also to be able to share that connection by engaging, equipping, and encouraging others to do the same. Do you have marital issues, addictions, anxiety, financial problems, illnesses, depression and the like? Maybe you don't suffer front the aforementioned, yet you still feel unsatisfied, discontent, and discouraged. Regardless of your situation, God deeply desires to connect with you. right where you are wherever you are. He sent the greatest Heaven had to secure a relationship with you. God never designed people to be wandering aimlessly with no hope or direction.

Remember, disconnection leads to discouragement, but connection leads to direction. Will you connect with Him?